Does people know their constitution?

Photo by kharkoma

I have done a survey to find an answer to this question, asking for basic curious things. The survey was answered by 7 girls and one boy aged between 18 and 37, and its purpose was to know whether we are at all concerned with our essential laws.

For example everybody knows the three powers of the state are executive, legislative and judicial. Also everybody answered the correct date when our Constitution was passed. Nevertheless nobody realized that if Felipe died our “Queen” would be Leticia as a regent. In addition, Leonor will be the princess. Some people said in the survey that a woman can’t be our queen but that’s untrue. The problem is that a man always comes first (a bit unfair the Salic law).

Talking about politicians only two people answered correctly that we could change the president without elections. This is because when we vote what we elect are political parties. So the Congress can change the president for some reason or in case of illness or death. In those cases there wouldn’t be elections. Very few people knew that laymen can propose laws to the Congress, only 500,000 signatures are needed. Nevertheless everybody knew Juan Carlos holds the highest military rank. Talking about the relation between our laws and the other countries all of the students chose the right answer, our constitution is according to UDHR, but every time Spain signs any international treaty we must see if it is according to our constitution. Once we had to change a small part of it.

In conclusion people have little knowledge about what all the Spanish signed some years ago. That’s why, in my opinion, the Constitution should be read in the school only to learn how important it is that somewhere there are rules written for us.


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