Are you afraid to fly?

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While many people are afraid to fly, the statistics show that airplanes are the safest means of transportation. The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a survey about the fear of flying. The information was gathered from a group of students of English of different ages and gender. Interviews were conducted using a poll.

The first part of the survey finds that one in four passengers is afraid to fly and starts to feel anxious some days before taking a plane. The fear of flying can be considered an irrational fear because it is safer to ride in a commercial aircraft than taking a bath. However, in the airplane people feel vulnerable, because they feel that they do not have any control over the situation. When we asked about the safest means of transportation, 60% of the interviewees consider airplanes as the safest and cars as the most dangerous. So people are contradicting themselves when they consider flying safer but at the same time they are more afraid. The truth is that the chances of being involved in an aircraft accident are about 1 in 11million, and the chances of being killed in a car accident are 1 n 5000. That is a huge difference.

The second part of the survey dealt with the roll that the flight attendants play inside the plane. Half of the interviewees say that they listen to the safety demonstration and consider that the flight attendant work is both about service and safety. People use to have the wrong impression that a hostess is a waitress but the reality is that they are trained to deal with every kind of emergency that can happen in a plane. The biggest enemy of the fearful flyers is turbulences but surprisingly, again we find out that the vast majority of the students consider that turbulences do not pose danger for the flight.

In conclusion the survey suggest that the gender and the age of an interviewee does not influence the fear of flying, and that students of English are a collective who suffer fear of flying in lower grade than the rest of the population.


One thought on “Are you afraid to fly?

  1. 7 (Miguel Angel)

    I think it, as you said, that it has to do with not having control about the situation. Besides you know that, if something happens, high is too much and if plane would fall (something almost impossible), you wont be able to do anything.

    Anyways, interesting post and thanks for using my picture 🙂


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