Photo by aJ GAZMEN – GucciBeaR

Obesity is one of the most real and serious problems in our society. It is caused by the ingestion of junk food but also by sedentarism and lack of activity and exercise.

In foreign countries this is a big problem because people are used to eat fast food (some people work all day outside and they have to eat in a short period of time) and they don’t do any sport, they lead a sedentary life.

Nowadays this problem also affects Spain. Every day we can watch on TV people that are always at home because they can’t go out and they need help for moving.

Obesity is a health problem that can cause a lot of illnesses like: heart disease, breathing problems…it can affect other internal parts of the human body.

At the moment young people like fast food and junk food. They are conscious that this kind of food can be dangerous for our health but they eat it frequently.

Everyday a lot of people go to fast food restaurants to eat junk food. This would not be a problem if they also ate healthy food and they ate fast food only occasionally.

We have to pay special attention when we talk about children because it’s very important to for them to develop good healthy habits because otherwise they could have different problems in the future.

I think that it’s very important to have healthy habits because our body is very important, not only for beauty.

Everybody should take care of how they eat because it’s very important to feel well.


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