Ghosts and spirits

Photo by Philippe Sokazo

The purpose of this report is to show the conclusions of a survey into ghosts and spirits. Do people believe in them? Have people ever had a paranormal experience? The information was gathered from a group of 12 students of English in the EOI of Mieres (8 female and 4 male) aged 18-39. The survey was carried out using the Internet: both the questions and the answers to the survey were published in the Blog of the EOI of Mieres. No differences between were found between people of different ages or gender, so this data is omitted from the conclusions of this report.

Finding out the attitude towards fear was the first aim of the survey. Two questions were used for collecting this information: the first one was about whether they considered themselves easy to scare and the second was about whether they found it difficult to get asleep after watching a terror film. Over 50% do consider themselves easy to scare and almost the same percentage has sleeping difficulties after watching a terror film. The main part of the survey dealt with the belief in ghosts and spirits. The majority of the students (66,67%) deny their existence; the rest of the percentage is divided equally between the believers and the undecided people.

The third part of the survey was about paranormal experiences. A very insignificant number said that they have tried to communicate with the spirit world with a ouija board successfully. Rather surprisingly, all the people interviewed said that they have never had an experience they would describe as paranormal. In contrast, 25% said that they did know somebody (relatives, friends…) that had had a paranormal experience. In conclusion, 1 out of 2 people consider themselves easy to scare and, approximately, 2 out of 3 have had sleeping difficulties after watching a terror film. In spite of that, the vast majority of the students surveyed neither believe in ghost and spirits nor have never had a paranormal experience; but 1 out of 5 people have a relative or friend that have had a paranormal experience.


3 thoughts on “Ghosts and spirits

  1. Meghan

    I believe in ghosts. My uncle died when I was 8 and we heard him walking through my grandmother’s old house as if he were looking for the rest of my family members.

  2. Sadie

    I believe in ghost’s and demon’s!!!! At school today I was washing my hands in the school’s restroom and Jaime, Emily, and I turn ed on all of the sinks and BLOOD came out of all of the sinks, we hurried up to shut the faucets off and we ran out of the restrooms pail-faced. IT WAS A SCARY MOMENT FOR US.

    I was in the shower when “it” happened. I got out and I saw my towel floating in mid air I looked then looked again to be sure that I saw what was what I saw. The towel still floating in air came towards me and landed on top of my head. I told my mom about it and of course she didn’t believe me. So it has always been in my top 5 secrets of life!! 🙂 Thank You for reading my story!!!!!

  3. Linda

    I strongly believe in the spiritual world!! As a child we lived in a house in a place called Berea in South Africa which was truelly haunted. Every night just before midnight we all heard the kitchen drawers and cupboards open and close as well as the sound of plates and knives and forks. Sometimes one can be living their daily lives with the most happiest thought on mind when all of a sudden you feel a presence and you feel the hair on you body rise. Now living in Belgium, my son and I saw a misty figure go through the hallway while we were sitting on my bed and didn’t seem to even notice we were there. It was as if the spirit was going towards someone or something that caught it’s attention. We recently moved out of a gorgeous 1940 old style house that had bad vibes going towards the second floor (attic that was redone to make a studio)every single member in my house had a horrible feeling when going up without saying a word to each other until we moved. One can feel the difference between a peaceful spirit or an angry or nasty one.


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