See you around!

Well, that was it! The year flew by, literally, and here are the summer holidays again… I must be getting on, or perhaps it’s just that I’m really lucky to have such nice students, or both, but truth be told I feel a tiny bit sad that the course is over and we all go our separate ways…

I do hope the course has been useful, I know the effort most of you have had to make to attend the lessons, and I really hope it was worth your while. I hope you’ve learnt something, but above all, I’d like to think you’ve understood that this is not the end of the journey, that you never finish learning a language because a language is something alive, that goes on growing, developing … and you have to keep on reading, listening, writing, speaking English…

So I won’t say goodbye, because I really hope to see you around, in the school library borrowing books and films and here in the blog, where you will always be welcome.

Enjoy your well deserved holidays!


One thought on “See you around!

  1. Adri

    Well… I’m happy… but I’m also sad…

    I am happy because I got now the degree in English, which is very important for our future.

    But I’m so sad too… because I’ll miss you so much… I have learnt a lot of things this year and have a great time in our lessons. So, Carmen… I have to say… THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. It’s the first time I have gone to the School of Languages in a very happy mood.

    Of course, I will write in the blog when I can and I promise I visit Carmen when I can!

    THANKS, CARMEN. You deserve all the best!!

    Emjoy your summer holidays!!


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