The mass media

Photo by onthetrain

Nowadays, it is known that the media is developing more and more, and people can use all kind of methods to get information. This report shows how we use the mass media and our opinion about it. The information was obtained through a survey done among a group of 12 English students (8 female and 4 male), aged 18 – 40.

Nearly all the people who answered the questions said they follow the news regularly, in several different ways. Everyone watches TV, 75% also read newspapers and 60% listen to the radio, but only half of them read the news on the Internet. Almost everyone thinks that what we see on TV is not neutral, because it is influenced by politics or the opinion of the people who write the news or work there.

When they are asked about advertisements, everyone answered that ads try to sell some products in a deceptive way; one person pointed out that they create in us new needs and often they don’t satisfy our present needs. In fact, this is the first purpose of publicity. Besides, all the people asked answered that so many news about celebrities aren’t necessary at all, and there should be less gossip programs.

It is true that we are living in the “Age of information” and it is very important to be informed, but people think there are some disadvantages about all this. For example, we have so much information, that we don’t trust all we hear or read in the media; in some cases we think we are being deceived or manipulated. Furthermore, we know very much about what we don’t need, and far less about what would be more important. Someone even said that it could aggravate the difference “between the two worlds”.

With this survey, we have discovered that everyone has similar opinions about communication; and there’s no difference because of gender or age. People don’t trust very much the information we get and there are some aspects they would change.


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