Violent games

Photo by jontintinjordan

I think that violent games can influence our children in a negative way, of course.

This kind of games is recommended for adults, but I think that they shouldn’t exist at all.

Sometimes we can hear some news on TV about parents that have been murdered by their children, because they are probably thinking they are playing a role game.

Nowadays parents are very permissive with their children. They buy them all kind of games without checking if the game is adequate to their age.

These games in which an assassin has to kill other people isn’t attractive, but they sell lots of copies. At the moment, children play video games a lot, they don’t have a good life in the sense of playing football, basketball and other street games than we used to play a long time ago. They seem to entertain themselves only with consoles but most of them like violent or fighting games more than educative ones.

It’s my bet that the real problem is that new technologies and Internet have opened a door to an unknown world. On Internet we can watch videos about violent games that teenagers carry out with other school friends. Most of the times what they do is to ridicule other teenagers or even copying something that they have seen in a video game.

I think that we live in a society where people is a little “crazy”,(parents who abuse their children, assassins, “skins” that batter scruffy people or foreign people…) and sometimes I think that it can be due to TV or the influence of video-games. I would like to think that it isn’t true and that all of these strange things are going to change in our society.

Definitely I hope these video games disappear from the market because they are really negative for children and however much we try to prevent them from playing with them, it’s impossible to control it.


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