Does anyone fancy going out for dinner?

Photo by Admit One

Hi guys!
Hope you’re having a good time after finishing all our English exams!
I’m writing to you because Carla, Isabel (‘Bel’ in the blog) and me have thought about organising a dinner for having passed all our English exams. We thought we could organise it either in Mieres or in Oviedo. We don’t know where because it’s all the same to us. So if you know a good place in Oviedo or in Mieres, tell us about it!

While I was coming back home, I thought that it would be a good idea to send me an email telling me if you can come to the dinner (hope Carla will agree with me in this point) because it will be easy for me to answer your emails one by one telling you where the dinner will be, the time and where we will meet to go to the place we have chosen. Well, you can answer in the blog if you don’t want to send me an email but, if you answer in the blog, you should watch out in it cos I’ll put the information there and you will be able to read it and know where will the dinner take place.

To be honest, we thought that the dinner could be next Saturday (21st June) but… it’s not sure. I’ll confirm by email.
Of course, everyone in the 5th year is invited. Carmen too.
So if you wanna come, please send me an email and, if you want, tell me about a place you’d like to have dinner there… you know, in Oviedo or in Mieres. Doesn’t mind.
My email is: asturianin18 at
I’d prefer you to answer by email, but you can also do it here in the blog.

Hope you all answer this request, and see you there!
But remember, don’t forget the blog, all right?

Bye Byeee 😉


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