Bloggin' away goes to Santander

Last week I took our blog to a Conference about Internet and Education in Santander. I went there with my friend and colleague María who also gave a presentation about her own blog: Reviews, debates and resources.

There are always good and not so good things about this sort of events and as it is very often the case, what I was really looking forward to, turned out to be quite disappointing: the speeches by two of my favourite Stephens, Stephen Wozniak and Stephen Downes were literally drowned in hesitating, broken Spanish by a struggling interpreter that failed to transmit the messages. I understand that not everybody speaks English and being in Spain, Spanish people have a right to be spoken in their language, as the lady sitting next to me pointed out when she heard our disappointment, but I also think that a conference of this kind should be able to broadcast the original speeches while simultaneously offering the Spanish translation through headphones, and even, why not, Galician, Catalan or Basque versions too.

The highlights of the conference:

All in all it was an interesting initiative, perhaps overambitious, there were very few of us for such huge magnificent conference rooms. The organisation in general was quite clumsy but let’s hope they will learn for next time!


2 thoughts on “Bloggin' away goes to Santander

  1. Ana Alonso

    Hi, Carmen,
    it was so nice to find you in Santander, showing this wonderful blog!
    Next year I will be in France, in Brest (Bretaña) !! I could get a place for a year, I will be teaching spanish to french students at secondary school.
    I`ll visit bloggin`away from time to time to keep my english alive.
    Best whises for you.


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