Shaken, not stirred …

Photo from Wikimedia

Photo from Wikimedia

One of the realxing activities I have involved myself into this summer is (re)watching all the Bond movies in chronological order, and in the original version. I know this won’t make us climb to the highest tops of intellectual achievement, but we, that’s me and my family, are enjoying it tremendously.

One of the most distintinctive features in James Bond movies are the main titles, most of them in my opinion, jewels of contemporary design. Maurice Binder designed fourteen of them and was also the creator of the gun barrel sequence. He died in 1991, and was succeeded by Daniel Kleinman.

Dr No, the first James Bond film starring Sean Connery as the British secret service agent, was released in 1962, since then the character has been reinterpreted and reinvented by George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. My favourite Bonds were Moore, Brosnan and Connery in this order. Dalton and Craig might be more believable but are also far less fun!

This year is the centenary of Ian Fleming‘s birth and to celebrate it the Times online has done a special, James Bond and Ian Fleming, packed with articles, reviews, photos and an interactive timeline.

Next November the new Bond film ‘Quantum of Solace’ will be released, I certainly won’t miss it!


3 thoughts on “Shaken, not stirred …

  1. Javier

    Hi, Carmen,

    I didn’t know you were a James Bond fan. I also love to see those movies from time to time. I remember when I used to watch the Roger Moore series as a teenager; I loved the special effects, they were so cool, and now when you see them, some of those gadgets look like kids’ toys, but that’s precisely where the beauty of those films lie.

    And what about their music score? Some of those songs are brilliant.

    Thanks for the post and cheers from Isla Canela (Cinnamon Island???),

  2. Mª Jesús

    Roger Moore is also the first James Bond I can recall, but he seems to be the one people remember less nowadays.
    I can’t say I’m a real fan but I enjoy watching them cause they are packed with action and very entertaining.
    And what about that spectacular gun barrel sequence that has become a trademark? Real cool!


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