Today  I’ve read on the BBC home page that a new scientific research shows how men who have an important social position or important jobs prefer their wives to stay at home. And women who have similar jobs think in the same way. The study said that this is because executives need extra moral support from their family. Money is not so important in this aspect as maintaining the job and of course the power attached to it.

I think it is all a question of money because if an executive lost his job obviously would lose not only the job but also the money. It is clear that executives earn a lot of money and they  don’t need his wife or her husband get a job because  their salary is big enough to sustain the whole family comfortably.


One thought on “Domination

  1. Carmen

    Well, I don’t know, I don’t think it is a question of sexism as it works both ways or even money, as surely if both husband and wife worked less hours in less demanding jobs could make as much money as just one of them in of these high-powered jobs! which leaves … what? ambition?


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