Holidays in Lisbon

Hello everybody,
I am going to tell you about my summer holidays. I went to Lisbon, the beautiful capital city of Portugal.
I was there for 1 week in July, so you can imagine that the weather was fantastic. In my opinion too hot, but it was fine (better than in Asturias). Lisbon  isn’t very big, you can go everywhere in the subway (which is cheap) or catch something similar to a train called  tram. This is more expensive than the subway but
you can see the streets during the  journey.

If you  don’t know anything about Lisbon I can tell you about some important places that you shouldn’t miss:

The Rossio: It is a train station in the city centre.


One thought on “Holidays in Lisbon

  1. Carmen

    I have only been in Lisbon once, and it was twenty, tewnty-three years ago, so I guess it has changed a lot. At that time it was a bit run-down but you could see in the magnificent buildings the echos of its imperial past.

    I remember the cafés with the beautifully tiled walls, they have probably been turned into Starbucks by now! Anyway, it is a city I would like to go back to.


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