Music: part of a human being's life

A very exciting thing in the world is listening to music. Children and adults, young people and teenagers, enjoy hearing the artist they love or the song they like.  Music  has been part of the human beings’ lives all around the world in  all times and cultures. The simple natural sound, produced by an instrument, was just converted by our ancestors in an organized chain of melodic rhythms. The result is an ensemble of linked tones which enters from our ears straight to  our brain and heart, producing in the listener a feeling of nostalgia, happiness or sadness. Of course, there are songs that can be detestable for one person and lovely for another, but when we choose the kind of music we want to listen to, we are rarely disappointed.

Many critics say that classical music is the supreme expression of this art, but I think this statement is not all the truth. A perfect sound reaches the inner part of a man´s soul, involving consciousness in a halo of feelings and  turning inside out the way you are living that moment..

From time to time there appears a voice, a rhythm or melody which, like a magnet, attracts everyone´s attention. Here you are a marvelous song  from 80´s : The Power of Love -for some years the best-selling solo singer soundtrack in the British music History and also in many European countries- performed by the extraordinary voice, of the not very well known, Jennifer Rush.

You can also get in You Tube  a similar version,  with lyrics,  sang by Celine Dion:


2 thoughts on “Music: part of a human being's life

  1. Carmen

    Thanks for posting this beautiful song … I hadn’t heard it in sooo many years! It brings back happy memories of my youth! What must have been of Jennifer Rush? She just disappeared after her great hit, which is probably the smartest thing to do!

  2. 08balbi

    A really enjoyable song… I didn´t remember it, but now I´ve listened to it it seems to me as if it has always been in my brain. It´s a song that will last.



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