Technology and nature

A stunning video about Falcon 1 rocket, taking off on September 28, 2008 from Kwajalein (considered the largest coral atoll in the world, located in the Marshall Islands, Micronesia) and heading high-speed for space. Thanks to a camera attached to the rocket we can see, practically in real time, how it escapes the full Earth´s  gravity, throwing away the empty fuel tanks and entering the outer space. Instantly the rocket starts to describe its way independently of the planet which seems to spin apart. One hour and a half after being launched it had covered more than 40.000 km, the  full  length of the Earth’s circumference, crossing both the globe´s lit and dark sides in that time.

This video reminds me how beautiful our planet is and how technology affords us to achieve incredible targets. However, technical progress is very dangerous for human beings as well because we are using it badly  We shouldn’t forget that some of the Marshall paradisiacal atolls were partially destroyed by the powerful nuclear weapons tests, which took place between 1946 and 1958. Even one of these atolls is still uninhabitable because of residual radiation. How in hell could we do such a terrible thing? Don´t we know that we are destroying our beautiful blue marble? What will we have left after we pollution our sky and waters and use up our resources? Are we on time to avoid these disasters or  is it too late for that? I can’t foresee the future but I´m sure we can´t  wait any longer without doing something or, on the contrary, the next generations will be endangered  and we’ll be to blame for it. Perhaps the time is just over.


One thought on “Technology and nature

  1. amalia

    The video is great!!
    I want to think that we have enough time to rescue our planet from complete destruction. If we are able to put a rocket on the space it’s because nature trusts on us.


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