Fires at Midnight

A few years ago, I was with my son in his car and, obviously, he turned his music on as loud as ever. But this time I listened to the song rather than turn down the volume. It was a very, very old song by Bob Dylan I had heard in my youth. But the arrangements were different, the voice of the singer had a really  pleasant tone and the rhythm was quite different, quite magical. Is it new? I asked ironically. Yes, it is, my son replied grimly. It was released just a few years before, he added as he stopped the car at a traffic light.  Really? What is the name of the group? I  asked. Blackmore’s Night he replied after a short hesitation.

And this is how I first knew about one of my favorites bands. The name of the song I´ve already mentioned is “The Times They Are A-Changin” and it is included in the album “Fires at Midhight”. The name of the band plays with the names of Ritchie Blackmore (guitar) and his wife Candice Night (vocals).

The video your are watching is the fourth song of the album: “Home Again” Every time I hear this song I can almost see the merry men in the pub raising their mugs of beer, thumping on a wooden table.

The music of the band is a blend of medieval folk fused with modern pop and rock. It hooks you immediately. Ritchie Blackmore is a very well known  guitarist from the hard rock band of the seventies “Deep Purple”. His acoustic workouts show why he is the best at what he does. The voice of Candice is stunning, truly pleasant. Perhaps listening to the video you can’t fully appreciate it. She sings with passion and I recommend you to heed her voice with earphones. Also she has a good accent, which is very interesting for us as English learners. Finally she has the looks of a medieval princess too.

The lyrics  are always positive, very lyrical and sometimes  carry a hidden meaning too. Just a quote from “Fires at Midnight” the seventh song of the album

I wished on the seven sisters
Bring to me wisdom of  age
All that’s locked within the book of secrets
I longed for the knowledge of a sage…

This is a delightful album, full of energy…like taking a trip into a magic dimension.


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