FITO&Fitipaldiss StArTiNg SiGnAl San mATeo 07

Thirteen months have passed since we had the opportunity to see and listen to Fito live, but each Asturian and in my opinion the whole country will remember the lastest concert by Fito in Asturias. It took place during the San Mateo festival in Oviedo. The San Mateo festival lasts about fifteen days, so the fourteenth of September one year ago Adolfo Cabrales Mato (Fito) filled up the huge San Lázaro  facilities.
concierto Fito
It is a tradition that the first San Mateo performance has to be a masterful performance that  sets the standard for for the rest of the following fifteen days of San Mateo, and of course Fito didn’t let down the eleven thousand people who  showed  their enthusiasm  from the first moment of  every song of this Bilbaino composer.
At first the mayor of the town thought Fito’s concert could be all right for the Cathedral Square, but obviously, it wasn’t a good idea. Because Fito needed five tracks with him, one for the opening act, another three for the sound, the state-of-the-art lighting equipment, catering, and merchandising, and one more for two huge sources of energy. What’s more he always takes with him two buses and another stage which is the stage where we could see Fito in San Lázaro. That’ explains why two weeks before the performance the sound and lighting technicians we working so hard.

We were queueing  for three hours before the concert, but  despite standing up for so long under the rain, the concert was  well worth all these things. Fito started with hits  from his previous albums, like ‘un buen castigo’….., and after two more songs like this, he said the first words for a crowded San Lazaro, who  greeted his words with mobiles, cameras…. And at that  moment the atmosphere changed  dramatically, when he started to  mix one of  the new  songs  from his new album, ‘por la boca vive el pez’, with others like ‘whisky barato’, ‘donde todo empieza’…, these songs were for all those people who aren’t real fans of Fito, or for people who like music, or even who wanted to see the first San Mateo performance. So after the first break in the concert, he had to  pay a short tribute  to his fans, his real and faithful fans, so he sang ‘La casa por el tejado’, ‘Soldadito marinero’….??Finaly, he sang ‘Acabo de llegar’ from his lastest album, which was received wih deafening applause, and he t rewarded the audience with three more encores.

To sum up, we can say that the first San Mateo concert was a complete hit,  for two hours and a half, there were eleven thousands throats shouting Fito songs, while he was giving the audience 100 %. Fito recognised in some interviews before and after the concert that he feels a special link with Oviedo, because we have to remeber that the previous October (2006) another concert had taken place in Oviedo, so despite being a repeated concert (like some critic voices said) it  was highly acclaimed in the capital of Asturias. This year Fito didn’t act in San Mateo, but he has already recorded a new song with Andrés Calamaro, so I expect to see him again soon.


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