Quique González

After  buying an electric guitar when he was working in London, Quique discovered that music was more than a hobby: ” I realized there is nothing like being on stage; music would become my life since that moment.”

He started to write songs in London but  he couldn’t play them. When he came back to Madrid, he started to play in “El rincón del Arte Nuevo” where he met Enrique Urquijo, who loved Quique’s songs, that’s why Quique wrote “Aunque tu no lo sepas” for him.

In 1998 Quique recorded his first CD: “Personal” a great album. Its eleven songs were selected out of 50.

In 2001 and 2002 when “Salitre 48” and “Pájaros mojados”, his second and third album were finished, he decided to split up with his label because he had given both CDs to them, ready to launch without the company’s touch; and he had the feelling that he had been paying for playing.

Then in 2003 he created “Varsovia” his own label, and recorded “Kamikazes enamorados” with a very low budget, recorded in acoustic, without a band, but with awesome songs and that got very good reviews from the critics; and  “La noche americana” in 2005 with more money and with a band this time, showing that he is a rock band leader rather than just a songwriter.

Then in 2006 he recorded “Ajuste de cuentas” a live concert with guests like Enrique Bumbury, Jorge Drexler, Iván Ferreiro… , starting a new chapter in his career, this time with a big label: DRO.

Finally in 2007 with a new band he recorded “Avería y redención” a great album with wonderful songs and very good lyrics.

I’ve seen Quique in many concerts and all his performances  have been awsome, he always plays with very good musicians and that means powerful live concerts.

In spite of writing all the songs, Quique always says in his concerts things like: “We are going to play songs from OUR new record”, and he always seems very shy in Tv interviews, those things make him a special man far from all those superstars who don’t like having their  photo taken with their fans or signing autographs for them.

Quique Gonzalez, my favourite performer, is touring nowadays, celebrating his ten years on the stage.


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