Amaral is the name of the band formed by Eva Amaral, Juan Aguirre and their musicians. The members are:  the  bassist Manolo Mejías, at the drums Carlos Gamón, at the piano Santi Comet and Zulaina Boheto plays the double bass and is also the backing singer

Eva Amaral is the vocalist of the group. She studied in Art School but her hobby was the music so she played the drums in a local group.

Juan Aguirre is the guitarist and before  they joined, he also played in a band  called “Días de vino y rosas”.

They first met at a  recording studio in Zaragoza  during a competition for young people toget a  demo disc recorded. There, Eva fell in love with the rhythm of Juan’s guitar and he was impressed by her voice.

Then they decided to join  their forces and began to compose the best pop-rock music in Spain.  They started performing in small locals in Zaragoza but they were so successful that  decided to go on a tour of different cities.

They had the  chance to  be in some TV programs so their name was soon known in the music world.

In 1998, their fate changed when Virgin’s multinational published their first album, called Amaral.

After that, a new album was  released every two years and they sold more and more copies.

Some of the reasons  for their success could be that they write and compose the music and the letters of their songs which have a beautiful message, they mix the pop-rock with folk-latin rhythms, her voice is unmistakable… and their live performance is incredible.

They are very nice with the audience, her clothing is unique and the sound and light’ technicians do a good  job so their shows end with deafening applause from fans demanding another encore.

You can see here a video


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