Enrique Bunbury and Helville De Luxe

Last September Enrique Bunbury released his  latest album Helville De Luxe, a great  job full of powerful songs.

The standard CD includes 11 tracks but, if you buy the vinyl format, you can find four extra tracks, one of them was originally written by Raphael, one of the singers that Enrique admires the most, although it sounds incredible!

Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri, which is his real name, was born in Zaragoza in 1967. He is a really good singer and songwriter but he can play almost any instrument as well, although in his performances he usually plays just the guitar and the harmonica.

In the 80s he started playing music with different bands but he became famous as the singer of the well known band Héroes del Silencio. They were successful in Spain but also in America and Europe – even in Germany, which is unusual for a Spanish band.

In 1996, ten years  later, they broke up and Bunbury started his solo career with the techno album ‘Radical Sonora’. It wasn’t the much good, however it didn´t mean the end; he kept going and, in a few years, he released three great albums, full of good songs, deep and mature lyrics, different styles…He managed to sell a lot of copies and his famous band El Huracán Ambulante were acclaimed in the numerous concerts they did in many different countries, in Spain and in America as well.

After  disbanding  a few years ago, he has recorded El tiempo de las cerezas, with Nacho Vegas, and he has turned ten concerts with the former band Héroes del Silencio, in order to celebrate their 20th anniversary – the expensive tickets were sold out in a few hours!- He’s really hard-working: he has also recorded some live CDs and DVDs, he has collaborated with other musicians in different projects like Bushido, the Freak Show- a risky adventure that entailed a mixture of music and circus performances-, his outrageous work with Leopoldo Panero’s poems, etc. And he seems to do every single  job with the same enthusiasm, energy and total commitment.

Although it’s said that his new album is closer to his first steps with Héroes, it means that it sounds more rock, I think you can find good rock songs in every previous album, like El club de los imposibles, in Flamingos or La señorita hermafrodita in El viaje a ninguna parte. Perhaps the most important difference that I’ve found is that now he doesn’t include any other styles like rancheras, vals or tango, as he used to do; for the last ten years he’s been under the influence of all kind of Latin music.

Anyway, some of his new songs are still deep and full of poetry, probably as a result of living a not only intense but also thoughtful life.

*I include a translation of some lines of one of the most beautiful songs;

Because we know how to be grateful although what we have lived […]Because everything has happened long time ago (it means that now I have the feeling that everything happened long time ago)

Because who found love didn´t look for it so much[…]

Because your friendship supports me[…]

Because we lost our luggage with the routine,

Because the downfall brought with it the muses by the hand,

And because I let myself be loved by you

Because I prefer to sing rock and roll where I should be quiet


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