Are blogs legal or illegal?

A few days ago, I saw an article about blogs in a local newspaper and it  caught my attention. The article was more or less like this:

“Last summer, The European Union  released a  controversial report in which blogs were considered as a new revolutionary  communication  tool. Consequently, according to their proposal publications in blogs should follow some rules.

Next, on September, The European  Parliament voted against this proposal, because of the fact that a  high number media professionals use this tool, as a way of contributing to liberty of expression.

Despite this negative vote, it is  possible that blogs end up being regulated in a close future. For example, it is being established the possibility of creating a voluntary  registry of blogs to try to have some  control  over the opinions and comments that people write on them, most of the times, in an offensive way.

Controversy is  served. On the one hand, some collectives consider that laws should be the same for everybody no matter  which way they use to give their opinions.

But,  on the contrary, there are associations in favour of blogs, that consider this decision like a  blow to civil liberties  in the  use of internet. Besides, they argue we can’t reach a situation similar to what is happening in some countries, like China, North  Korea or Cuba, where  bloggers can go to prison only for expressing their opinions.

In our country, the LSSICE (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico), in its article number 16, says that people that create blogs, aren’t responsible  for the information stored if they don’t have knowledge about the activity or, in case they do, they  withdraw it”.


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