Something to think about

I’ve received this video by e-mail, it’s an old video but I think that Its message still makes sense nowadays.

When I first saw it, I felt heartache, it’s incredible how a 12 year old girl can make the world feel ashamed.


4 thoughts on “Something to think about

  1. Carmen

    Thank you Ruben for sending this video, I didn’t kow it and I feel … well really moved that kids so young can have such an extraordinary clear vision of everything. astonished that she is able to express her opinions in such a powerful, demolishing way, ashamed and furious because 17 years have passed and things haven’t improved a tiny bit, we are still breaking things we don’t know how to fix!

  2. Dolores

    17 years after this speech we continue looking at our navels and the saddest thing about this situation is that probably this girl will be a mother now and all the things she announced will have happened and she will have to explain to her baby how lazy the goverments and organisms that govern our lives can be.

  3. amalia

    Everybody knows the theory,even politicians and citizens but nobody takes the correct decision. These days we hear the word crisis all the time and people, who are fathers and mothers,decide that the best solution is to give millions of dollars to banks. All of us also know that by using that amount of money in a different way starving people could have something to eat. Then, either citizens are not interested
    at all or politicians are just only worried about their rich friends…


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