The four lads (Istanbul not Constantinople)

Last week I was delighted watching the film Monna Lisa smile on Principado de Asturias TV, the best  television for watching movies free of advertising, when a funny song performed by a group came up to my ears. But it only lasted a few seconds. At the end I was just searching on the net for the title and the  musicians. At first I only found the title, Istanbul (not Constantinople), but it took a longer search  to find the real group that performed the song, because on the film it appeared as Trevor Horn Orchestra when the fact is that the theme was composed and performed by the Four Lads. These boys were a male Canadian quartet that reached the fame on the 50´s, just with this song. It´s a lovely, rhythmic and soft theme, easy to listen to, despite the time gone by since  its first  realise. It reminds us the way of singing of those times, very similar, for example, to the Elvis Presley´s melodic songs. On the video the music is accompanied with marvellous pictures of Istanbul, which gives name to the song. So we can enjoy, at the same time, the music and the stunning landscapes and architecture of that city, and its monuments which rest on the shores of the Bosphorus Strait, the border between Asia and Europe, where they were faced up for centuries -like the two names of the city-  by Eastern and Western civilizations and they are still going on. Would you like to be there?


2 thoughts on “The four lads (Istanbul not Constantinople)

  1. 08nievesap

    Great song! I love the rhythm of the 50’s. I’ll look for these Four Lads myself to see what more songs they played.

  2. Javier

    This is so funny, Carmen. I once saw an old video of The Four Lads on TV when I was living in Philly and I got hooked on that song forever, isn’t that an amazing coincidence?

    Thanks a lot for posting this beautiful song,


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