Can technology help us learn? – 3rd March

We’ve just finished module 5, that as I hope you all know was about education. As a sort of epilogue, today I would like you to reflect on the role that ICT, Information and Communcation Technologies, can and should play in it. Do you feel that schools are keeping up with the technological revolution we are leaving? or has education been caught at the wrong side of the digital gap? Now that all the information is instantly available for everyone with a computer on the Internet, how does it affect the role of the teachers and the role of the students?

Watch this video created by Mike Wesch and his students and write a post telling us what you think about education and learning nowadays.

[flv: 320 240]

You can read your work here, but you should receive your writing with the corrections by e-mail, if you don’t, check your spam folder and if you can’t find the email there either, tell me, so I can print a copy and give it to you in class. If your work is not published here yet it means I still haven’t corrected it, so give me a bit longer, all right? 🙂

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