Technological Revolution at Education

We usually tend to connect the use of technology with progress in itself, but is this true? It depends. I do think that it would be quite stupid to refuse the use of technology, especially in education, however technology depends on the use that humans, or in this case teachers and pupils, make of it.

A lot has been said about the benefits of technology for our lives however, its influence in the educational field hasn’t been properly studied yet.

It is commonly thought that the use of technology means instant progress, however, it has to be used properly because we shouldn’t forget that it is a tool and as a tool it must be used by someone. What I mean is that a good teacher helped by technology will be able to teach better than one without using it, however technology won’t turn a normal teacher into a pretty good one.

From the point of view of the students, it means a better way to work, (instead of traditional hand-writing for example) which engages the student and encourages him to work with more effort.

Having said that my experience as a student tells me that in a lot of cases and situations, technological tools are installed without being necessary, and because of that, they are not used at all. It happens because its installation is not brought about by a real necessity of them, but because its purchase has been subsidized by the government without asking the teachers. I spend 6 hours per day at higschool in classrooms with quite a lot of electronic devices around me, which have been bought this year, however we use them once in a blue moon.


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