Technology in Education

We all have to admit that teaching nowadays is very different  from teaching some years ago. Technology is very helpful for teachers and students.

When I was a child or even when I was  in Highschool, if you  missed a class because you had  a doctor’s appointment or something like that, the only way to recuperate what teachers had  taught was by borrowing one of your classmates’ notes. Today this task is very easy, most of the teachers put the lessons on the internet and you only have to  connect your PC and  download them. This is very  convenient because you don’t have to follow strict timetables, you can pick the information whenever you want and wherever you are.

Another advantage about  technology in education is the fact that you don’t have to  handle loads of books in case you have to do a class  project, only by writing a few words in a search engine all the information you need is  brought to you in a few seconds. Besides, a lot of people can write in the same document and interact with other people as well. This is absolutely incredible, isn’t it? But I have to admit that not all the information you find on the internet is true, some times you have to be careful of what you read,  even if students nowadays spend a great part of their time on the internet.

But on the other hand, there will be people using technologies in ways they shouldn’t: you can use your laptop in class for doing things that are not related to what the teacher is saying, or what is more, you can use internet to copy someone else’s work and in this way, you are not learning anything at all.

Moreover, technology is improving so fast, that if you aren’t able to  catch up with it, you can have a big problem. Probably, everything we know now will be outdated  in a few years and there will probably exist  jobs that we can’t imagine now, so my questions are: “Are we ready to deal with  those new technologies in so little time? and “Is what we have studied in our studying days useful for finding a job in the future?”. Very often, you had  to learn useless subjects that you never used then and that you have forgotten, so you have the sense of having  lost time. However, you are not able to know what subjects or practical  skills  will be useful for you in your working  years.

To sum up, the role that ICT, information and Communication Technologies play in education is very important, but in my opinion, a cool  PC will never be able to  substitute  a teacher. This is because  teachers are able to teach, I mean, you can’t ask a PC why some things are like that nor can a  PC transmit the enthusiasm for learning; this is something that only teachers can do.


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