Our technological life: what is it now, what was it then?

15 years ago, as a High School student I would  leave home with my folder full of worksheets and a bunch of pens. I just tried to takes notes of the important things, (if we were lucky and the teacher was not making us copy almost every single word he said, no matter if we did not understand them!). In subjects such as Arts, we just tried to imagine that reality they were trying to show us, with the help of a bad picture on a boring book, or (as an exception ) a most of the times damaged video tape. In Maths or Physics, most of he times I just filled pages with numbers and formulas I hardly knew what they could be useful for. With all this, been motivated was not an easy task as a teenager, when most of our interests were far away from these things. When I arrived home, i left my folder  on a table until the next morning or when I was close to the next exam. I didn´t look for more information on the internet, nor did I chat with my classmates about the website were everything was perfectly explained or where you could almost see every single brushtroke of El Bosco´s paintings. The goal: passing exams and graduating. I´m not a High School student anymore and I have no idea whether things have changed in such an important way or not. I guess the goal is the same one now, and many teachers keep doing the same as well, although nowadays they have many other ways of motivating their students thanks to technologies. At least, it should help them to share a common language, a new way of communicating and passing the information.

Besides, I agree with the students in the video when they say that they would probably work in a job that doesn´t exist now. At least, they will probably use different techniques or skills when doing it. It´s also true that most of the information you get as a student is not useful. Last technologies are nowadays helping us to improve and to fight against this lack of knowledge in our professional areas. Then, maybe all the educational systems should take this into account and appeal for a change.

I´m not a High School student anymore. I´ve also finished my  University  degree some time ago. And now …I´m a teacher. My students have learning disabilities and serious  handicaps related with  communication.  The internet is helping me everyday to find new ways of dealing with their difficulties, as a way of exchanging information, treatment programs…  It is true that my job has not much to do with all the stuff I learned at University, as things are in  constant change and every now and then new theories are coming up. I would probably be a bit lost in a small island if I could not use this to see how people are working in other countries, if we could not share all we learn everyday.

So, I´m not a Formal student anymore. But I could say now that I´m just a student for life, thanks to technologies.


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