Education and technology

This is an interesting video about how new technologies can be very important in the educational system by changing the way in which we have treated the information we give to our students. In the past -and even in the present- in most of the countries, education  was conditioned by how our parents and ancestors learned by repeating the information written in the books. However,  this is a boring task and frequently the individual work is  not known by the rest of the students  in the class  or many times by the teacher either. Perhaps this  doesn’t´t contribute to do education more attractive for many students who by his personality, his intelligence o by other reasons, have a free and creative way of working and thinking. And what to say about the enormous cost of printing every year millions of textbooks, not only economic but also environmental, contributing to cut thousands of trees we needed to maintain the life on the planet.

The revolution of technology and the standardization of PCs and internet in our homes  allow us to work in the best and more relaxing possible way. So we don´t need to spend a lot of hours everyday going to class or searching for information in the biggest and heaviest books we can imagine, and so will have enough free time to do other things we need o we want, even for relaxing. Everything is in our hands and homes only by connecting the PC and clicking the mouse, immediately reading the information and sharing it with the mates and the teacher. And this occurs worldwide because you can get information  from the whole earth increasing and sharing  this information with everybody and everywhere. Is the miracle of 21 century, because technology will help to open the mind of many people in many places and this will increase, in a geometrical  progression, human knowledge  of of the past, the present and will prepare us better to deal with future problems. So I agree with the students in the video who express themselves in a free way unusual in Spain, but thanks to the internet we know their wills and proposals, many of them very interesting. The only thing we need is to  make that technology less expensive so that other countries and people less rich than we are can afford to use it too. We can also learn many things  from them because I think a good balance between traditional education and new technologies could be the best way for learning and living at the same time.


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