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I am nineteen years old, and I remember when I was a child of seven or six …and in my school we only  had two computers with Windows, and only the headmaster’s had  connection  to Internet. So, first of all we have to say that this new revolution is a recent revolution  and specially a revolution that is constantly changing. The first mobile phone I had  was  so big  that you  couldn’t put it  in your trousers pocket, and now they are  smaller than a wallet. Moreover, in the past we  had a camcorder, a calculator, a video-camera….and now in this so  small mobile  which  has  this lot of functions with another fashionable advantage,  connection  to Internet by 3G.

Twenty or thirty years ago an extraordinary change took place in our way of understanding our lives. Two things brought it about: computers and Internet. Recent surveys claim that in ninety percent of the houses there is at least one computer and with one connection to Internet. The first, computer was developed as a way to, for instance, save the whole information of a business and it has specially systems for it. In that time computers didn’t have the social importance that they have now.

The development of computers in our society was thanks  to the Internet. A computer system, made by the American Army in order to  explode a bomb far away from where they were …is now our preferred way of communication. The previous little notebook where we  had our family and friends addresses, now you have it  behind an icon on your computer screen or on even  your mobile screen. In communication Internet gives us some advantages: it is easier, faster and cheaper than telephone, mobiles…., and specially now these new ‘Social  networks’ like TUENTI, FACE BOOK or even these new Blogs or websites  where you can write your comments or suggestions … but that are also a good way to communicate with your  classmates about what to do for tomorrow or ask for help in a subject, so we can say that it makes our life a bit easier.

But Internet gives us much more than freedom of communication. In the last years teachers, governments and also students have claimed the new technologies  for the class.  At  university ninety percent of my teachers use computers, and the Internet to teach us, and if you want to ask a question you send him an email … even there are some new ways os teaching where you have class at home, with your computer and your don’t have a physical teacher or partners…Besides, when you want to search for information about some homework you will find at least what ever you want on the net. Specially governments are now  promoting these new ways of education,  financing  ICT classes  within each school, with experimented teachers ….. Even, the new university plans, ‘Bologne’ values the communication with the  teacher  over theoretical classes.

At the same time, we can say some negative things about Internet or about this new revolution. One of the problems is that this revolution is a new revolution and it changes dramatically even from day to day, so for example there are lots of people who are now trying to know what a website is or how messenger works … because I grew up with new technologies but my parents or  even less so my grandparents did not. Moreover, Internet  doesn’t have any control everybody can put or write there whatever they want …, in this sense when you are searching  for  something you can find information related (good or bad) but also the name of a person who is called like that. On the other hand we have the opinions given by some experts who say that with all these new technologies we are losing the ability to talk face to face, or for example the ability fto write an essay, to understand a text …

Finally, I agree with these new lifestyles, even  in education, I prefer for instance, ‘power point’ lessons than lessons  written with a piece of chalk … technology gives you the possibility  to go  over this issue that you don’t understand very well as many times as you want, looking at it at home,with the help of the net..and if you have a question you send an email to the  teacher asking for help. Although I want to say that apart  from these activities related with communication or academic topics … Internet gives us culture: culture about your hobbies for instance, and again it gives you culture about whatever you want or you are  interested in, or you  are curious about without having to buy the newspaper or magazines …


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