ICT and Education

This video shows some students from other country, that could be boys and girls from everywhere,  telling us about their daily life and their  thoughts in a moment  where technology and communications  play an essential  role  in their  lives. They are being brought up at the same time that ICT Information and Communication Technologies developed the biggest technological revolution in the last century. Nowadays everybody  has access to all the information in the world  from their own home, office, and why not school; but I don´t think  these  institutions  are keeping up with technology in the same way that students could do  on their own/ by themselves. It could be thought that students are moved by other priorities in life because they don’t find their place in a system that doesn´t move at the same speed  as times. We can´t forget that technology at schools has a cost that probably our economy can’t afford in these moments but apart from this fact, it is possible to find a point where the educational system and this technological revolution can match interests; it is necessary because now  information is available to everybody but moreover students need to find a value and a profit in this world that could be given at school since their childhood. It is for this reason, that the role of the educational system and teachers needs to change in the same measure  as times because it is necessary that all the people involved: fathers, teachers, students, move in the same direction.


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