Nowadays, of course, the new technologies  provide us with a lot of resources which do things easier, not only in education. Probably, most of us have a computer at home so, in “just a minute”, we can look for all kind of information with “just a click” of the mouse. This is a big advantage because our grandparents and parents learnt by rote with too many books that, in the end, nobody understood (except the teacher). Apart from that, the  environmental damage nowadays, can fortunately be reduced thanks to computers because most people use e-mail to communicate with other  people instead of the traditional letters.

Besides  technology provides the teachers with many resources so that the classes are more interesting and the students can follow the lessons when they can’t go to class every day like, for example, in a language school and find a lot of exercises to practice the language that otherwise will be very difficult and the  opportunity to communicate with people from other countries thanks to the internet. There  is a lot of information on the internet and people can share it with other people so I think that this is an advantage so great that our ancestors  would have been unable to imagine that one day would be real.

In the same way, there are computers in all the schools and nowadays children learn to use  them since they are very young so I think that is a part of our life, moreover,  we can´t imagine our life without the new technologies. But, in my opinion, there are two important disadvantages related with the technology:

1. It isn´t available for everyone, because is still very expensive for the poorest countries.

2. The form in which people use the new technologies because not always the information is used in the correct way because and I think the use of information is as important as the information itself.


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