Technology and education

Nowadays, new technologies are developing fast and this affects our life. I think that wherever you look you  can see an example of them so we need to learn about them. For example most people around us  are able to use a computer or a mobile phone but they are changing our lifestyle. For example teenagers are growing up surrounded by computers, video games, mobile phones, mp3 players, ipods … and now they don’t play football or with their dolls because they are hooked in their technological games.

I like to talk about computers and Internet because sometimes it could be a problem. I think that they are a good tool which help us in our education but I also think that the teachers and parents have to  control their use.

We should show them the advantages, for example with Internet we can communicate with people all over the world and we can obtain  all sorts of information very fast but it there are also some disadvantages and risks that they should know about so as to avoid problems like  harassment, violence …

Education tends to teach with these tools and prepare our children for their own life but I think that the technological development is by far faster than education so we will never be totally prepared.


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