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Alfredo Krauss Auditorium by Atatiwa

Well, here I am back from the conference, and as I promised I would do, although quite late, I’m posting something for you to do and make up for the lesson we missed on the Thursday before holidays.

The conference was great, I met teachers from other schools full of ideas and enthusiasm and I met again with colleagues I had met in previous conferences. Las Palmas is a wonderful city, very big and beautiful and the people are really nice and hospitable … it was great and very exciting although quite tiring … In the photo you can see the Alfredo Krauss Auditorium where some of the events in the Conference took place, awesome, isn’t it!

I’ve found a handful of links via English in Guia, that can be very useful for you in order to practise for the exam. They link to the sample tests that the EOIs from Catalunya have published online. There are five parts, three of which you can find really useful:

The other two parts you may want to have a go but are not so relevant for you. Use of English because we no longer have this test in Asturias and the Speaking one because it has a completely different format from the one we have here.

Laura from English in Guia has also found this wonderful link for you to paractice for the Speaking test: Splendid Speaking It’s a site where you can register free and get a 15 minute interview through Skipe.


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