Sorry, no lessons today!

I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to the school today: I have an excruciating toothache, a wisdom tooth is killing me and until the antibiotics kick in I am on painkillers but they don’t seem to be enough! 😦

Here’s what you can do to make up for the lesson:

  • You can do this listening activity from Javier’s English Corner
  • You can watch this funny video where British actor Hugh Laurie and American  talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres test each other on American and British slang:

[flv: 320 240]

I wonder if we’d have had time to do all these things in class! Hope to see you on Monday!


2 thoughts on “Sorry, no lessons today!

  1. 08nievesap

    Hope you’re already ok! I won’t be able to go to our lesson today but I hope I’ll be able to go tomorrow to watch the film! I’m doing the exercises you posted here and recovering some of my security. The man of the Glasgow’s Water video is easy to understand, but the listenings of the EOI catalana were quite difficult for me. Are there some more listenings like those ones to practice? Thank you! 🙂


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