The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

the_boy_in_the_striped_pyjamasLast Tuesday we  watched the film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Then I asked you to write comparing the book and the film and these are your opinions:

After having seen the film I have to say that I like the book  better, because in the book, the writer gives like an explanation for all Bruno’s acts and this cannot be shown in the film.
Besides, I think that there are some scenes that are missing in the film, like the fact that Bruno has to have all his hair cut because of lice, which makes his mixing up with the Jews more credible.
Moreover, the reading of the book makes you think that Bruno is fatter than Shmuel, but on the contrary, the film shows a very thin boy.
Finally, in favour of the film, I have to admit that the feelings of Bruno’s mother are showed better than they  are in the book.


Well, there are some details in the film which aren’t reflected in the book.
For instance, when Pavel  cures Bruno’s wound his mother doesn’t say “thank you” to him, she only tells Pavel that both will tell her husband she had  cured Bruno.
Another point is that Bruno doesn’t make a hole to pass to the other side but Shmuel lifts the wire fence.
Another detail is Lieutenant Kotler’s farewell that is not mentioned in the book at all.
One of the things that  affected Bruno the most was The Fury’s visit  which doesn’t appear at all. And I realised that the name of the new house is not mentioned either. Maybe too painful?
And, of course, the end of the film is more spectacular than in the book, because in the  book Bruno’s mother and sister don’t go to search for him and his father only sees Bruno’s clothes in front of the fence and imagines what has happened.
Well, I think that is all. Sure there are some more details but I don’t remember then right now. ;-P.
I liked the film so sad, so moving, but overall very nice. 😀



One thought on “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  1. dolores

    With regard to the film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas that we watched last Tuesday I would say that there are significant differences between this and the original novel.
    First and most important of all is the end, because the book leaves us with a feeling of desolation with a father that can imagine what may have happened to his son, and a mother and sister that are so confused that can’t understand their tragedy. The film gives us the complete ending, all the family go in search of Bruno and realise what must have happened to him.
    Their new house as it is shown in the film isn’t so desolating as I can imagine Out-With in the novel, I don’t think the audience cant realise Bruno’s feelings as described in the book.
    Regarding the role of his mother I think that she is described as more resigned with her destiny in the novel than in the film.
    In general, apart from the ending, the film adapts the novel in a way that the audience can follow the story related in the book but it looses the effect that you are in front of a moving story of friendship and the intimacy of their feelings described in the book.


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