Women, the strongest sex

We know that  over the years, there have been lots of changes in the consideration of male and female roles or stereotypes, for instance nowadays there is even a minister foe equality who tries to get a more equalitarian society, but do you think it is true?, do you think all these changes, these new rules, even the minster  are necessary,  or more important,  are they useful?

According to scientists, I will try to explain which are  the real differences that are only physiological differences.

First of all, we have to admit that women’s brains are smaller than men’s, it weighs ten percent less. In the past it was thought that cleverer people  had a bigger brain. Nowadays we know that the clue for that, it is what there is inside the brain that  that counts. The brain consists of ‘grey matter’ (the part of the brain that helps us think)) and ‘white matter’ (the part that helps transfer information). And while men have more of the latter, the amount of ‘thinking’ brain is almost exactly the same in both sexes.

At the same time scientists discovered how a smaller brain also mean s  a ‘more efficient’ brain, perhaps because the two sides of the brain appear to be better connected in women. That’s the reason why little girls tend to learn to talk earlier and then when she is an adult she can absorb all sorts of information from different sources at the same time, she is completely adapted to ‘multi-tasking’. So I am used to see my mother talking on the phone with a friend, while she is cooking dinner and keeping an eye on the television!!!

Another physiological important difference is’ the grey matter’, that’s the key to spacial tasks, that’s why we are more conscious of where we are and where the things are in relation to the others. That’s the reason why normally, men are better  at sports, perhaps because he can be conscious of where the ball is, or the other footballers for example, how much energy he needs to move the ball in relation with the distance…Another curious thing, is that this grey matter is the responsible of why men never ask for directions, they can understand a map better, while women often need to ask.

All these differences started in the womb.  In about nine weeks  of pregnancy, differences in testosterone levels mean that male foetuses begin to develop a male brain and females a female brain. The differences are shown in behaviour at the age of one year…

In adult life, these physiological differences continue, we can examine the percentage of boys and girls in their career choices: for example 85 per cent of the architects in the USA and 90 per cent of the mechanics are men (good spacial skills), meanwhile, 94 percent of speech therapists are women.

Finally, I would like to do  a final reflexion: all these physiologic al differences are in relation with our ancestors, in prehistoric times, women needed verbal and emotional skills to control and educate their babies, while men needed spacial skills  for hunting. But all this has changed completely nowadays, so we have an old brain in a fashionable society, a society that despite all the initiatives, changes, ministers…is a sexist society. In my opinion, there can be lots of  things responsible for this sexism, our history, our costumes for years…but one of the best solutions is time: the new generations, we are far more conscious of the equality between sexes, that each one needs to be considered and paid in the same way for instance, if she can do the same job  as a man, why should she  have a lower position, with a lower salary… There are men who cook much better than his wives!!!

(I’m half-joking!!)


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