Living in the darkness?

Living without electricity would obviously be quite difficult to assimilate, at least at first, however we could think ,even expect ,that science ,which has advanced to the point where anything is possible, would be able to produce some technological devices which could allow the human race to forget about what electricity used to mean for them.

It can be thought that in this utopian situation, welfare which nowadays citizens are able to enjoy would be reduced, which at first it would be undoubtedly true, although not for ever. As a human can be defined as someone who is capable of logical thought, humans would try to satisfy their  necessities in order to get more satisfaction and in this process, resources which nowadays are not useful at all, because are more expensive than electricity, for example, or even because they haven’t been invented yet, would be used  on a daily  basis.

However it could be thought that we could go back to the Middle Ages,where light was possible thanks to candles. Saying that would represent in fact complete ignorance of human achievements and also  of human condition which has demonstrated  that is able to overcome all kind of situations.

So bearing all  these in mind,although living without electricity would represent an  inconvenient problem,human ingenuity  could solve it, however, it is true that a long time would be needed, while the process of searching for another energetic source comes to a satisfactory end.


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