A Report: Changing Gender Roles in the World

The aim of this report is to present the findings of a survey into male/ female opinions about changing gender roles in the world. The information was collected via a survey of 20 students (10 male and 10 female) aged 18-35 at E.O.I. Mieres.

The first part of the survey dealt with female/ male views about roles  at work.  All the students male or female said that nowadays women have more jobs but when they were asked about the type of job only a 5% of female and 20% of male said that women do same jobs as men. A very small number of the females interviewed stated that there are more women bosses whereas over 80% of the males said that there is less sexism in the office.

In contrast, when the survey discussed about the changes at home, only a small percentage of males said that men do the housework and look after the children. The reasons given for this were the lack of time, traditional education and that women do this work better than men. Almost all the people interviewed said that there had been significant changes in how men and women discuss their personal problems and today their involvement in this aspect of the relationship is the same.

In the last part of the survey the students were asked about the changes  as regards social life. In this part was where we had the highest percentages of matches between the views of female and male students The overwhelming majority of students said that women are more self-confident and independent and about the way in  which men and women spend their  leisure time, both groups said there is not much difference between their preferences.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that the views of both sexes agree on issues  regarding changes in social life and they are very similar with respect to changes at home. The main differences of opinion arise when students were asked about the evolution of women’s work and especially in the type of work they do.


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