Obama reaches out to the muslim world

He is good, very good.  His speech in Cairo was brave: he addressed all the issues that lie unsolved between  Islamic and Western worlds, he didn’t mince his words, in his calm conciliatory voice he spoke frankly of Afganistan, Irak, Guantanamo, the Israel and Palestine conflict, violent extremists, democracy, nuclear weapons, women equality and technological progress …  he pointed out the mistakes made on both sides but urged everyone to forget about our differences and focus on what we have in common, to move forward, to re-imagine our world …

You can watch the speech here, it’s nearly an hour long but I think it is worth it:

You can also read the transcript


One thought on “Obama reaches out to the muslim world

  1. amalia

    He is a special man, a great man… there is no doubt. He makes you feel that it is easy to get the peace all over the world. All his ways to sort out the problems are in our heads. They are based on common sense and based on the idea of respecting each other. He is able to communicate hope for us and for our children. We need open-minded people in goverments and people who talk about human beings and not about money.


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