Hi, new class!

The circle of (academic) life starts all over again and we’ll have our first class today. This is meant to be your last year in the EOI, and you are bound to feel a bit of pressure because you’ll have to sit the exam for the Advanced Certificate. So, this year we’ll have a double goal: the most important one will be as always for you to improve your English, but we can’t and we won’t ignore examination skills, we will also work on exam techniques that can help you do better.
The exam tests four skills: Writing, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Speaking. You get separate marks for each skill and although in order to get the Certificate you need to pass them all, the skills you pass, you won’t have to repeat. However, this separation of skills is in my opinion a bit contrived. I think that the four skills are connected to each other. They certainly are in the learning process. I mean, if you can’t hear you will not learn to speak. If you don’t read, you will not become familiar with new vocabulary, idiomatic phrases or structures, and your writing will be poor … So, in order to improve your speaking, it is important for you to take advantage of every opportunity you have to speak English, right, but in order to know how to express your feelings and opinions in English, you also need to listen to English and read in English … and the same happens with your writing, everything is connected!
From today, we will start working together to try and achieve our common goal, which is for you to improve your English and to pass the Certificate. I don’t think anyone can “teach” a language, but I will do my best to create for you welcoming spaces where we can learn, both in our physical classroom and here in this blog, which is your other classroom. Taking advantage of the resources depends only on you, and the more involved you get, the more you expose yourself to English, the more you will learn.

Welcome on board!!


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