Landing on the Moon

In my opinion, men never went to the Moon. I have seen the videos and I think there is more evidence to support the theory that it was all a hoax pulled by NASA than that NASA sent men to the Moon. So, it seems that I am a “hoax believer”.
The most important piece of evidence for me is the statement of Jan Lundberg, the man who designed the cameras.
He talked about the difficulty of manipulating the cameras because they were located on their own bodies and they had to aim by moving their bodies. This fact makes it very difficult to get a good photo, because of the gravity they could not stop moving, and the pictures that can be seen are really perfect.
For the men who support the hoax theory there is one conclusive piece of evidence, which is that there was no visible blast crater although there were a lot of footprints surrounding the land Lunar Excursion Module.


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