The Chartjackers

In the first unit we talked about challenges both physical and intellectual: climbing high mountains, going round the world by musclepower, learning a language …  A couple of days ago I found this video on the internet, it is about a group of teenagers from the UK that decided to take up un unusual challenge: to create a song from scaratch and place it first on the charts!

Watch the whole story and leave a comment saying what you think:


One thought on “The Chartjackers

  1. 09Tania

    If you ever asked yourself what the new teenager generation is like, it could be a good idea to have a look at this video. Maybe it doesn’t talk explicitly about them, but how they solved the challenge they wanted to face. It shows us the importance of the new technologies for their social relationships, which are a very important part of their lives at this period. Adults think about their life on the internet as their second life, but for most teenagers, their life on the internet is their real life too, an online life. They chat with friends there, see them with web cams, express their feelings and say what they do, what they like … everything through blogs, social networks, text messages… And this is how the boys in the video got what they wanted. Everything was done on the internet. And we can see that the internet is the best way for promoting new talents. Myspace, for example, was born as a music community for indie bands. Some of them have become famous through the web by the free exchange of music. So, connecting the topic with the recent discussion about freedom on the internet, internet is the future way of communication. It started some time ago, but now it’s clearly so. So maybe we have to adapt to this new way of teaching, learning, entertainment, work and communication. It’s not about piracy. It’s about adopting a new point of view and a new way of life. But coming back to the video, it was a funny story how these guys got to place a song as the number one on the indie charts -the thirty-six on the UK charts!- all with the internet, from the creation of the song and the group to the promotion. So congrats for them!


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