Stephen Fry on copyright laws

Stephen Fry

I’ve admired Stephen Fry for a long, long time both as an actor,  as a writer and more recently as a blogger and podcaster … , and on  Twitter too! I’ve read all his books, I’ve seen most of his acting, from the wonderful Peter in Peter’s friends to the psychiatrist Gordon Gordon Wyatt in the American TV show Bones. Basically I read him and watch him whenever I can because in my opinion he is very bright and also witty and very funny.

In one of hispodcasts he gives an overview of all the main breakthroughs in the history of communication technologies, how copy right started, how it  got to our days and how the music and film industries are (not) coping with the new situation.

After his speech he answered questions for half an hour: how he feels about his work being pirated, what’s the last thing he has downloaded from the internet … You can listen to the whole podcast via iTunes here, it’s worth it!!


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