Well done, Charlie!!

Charlie Simpson
Like everyone else I’m following on the news the tragedy in Haiti, marveling at the almost daily miracles of people being rescued alive after so many days under the rubble, feeling horrified when I hear that doctors are having to amputate limbs just because they don’t have enough antibiotics to combat infections. That many people are miraculously surviving the quake just to die in hospital from lack of medical supplies. That however much we give is not enough, such is the magnitude of the catastrophe … but you can also feel the waves of unprecedented solidarity coming from every corner of this globalized world. The news of the tragedy reached 7-year-old Charlie Simpson from Fullham, he saw the suffering of the kids in Haiti, and felt he had to do something about it. Helped by his parents, he decided to cycle 5 miles to raise funds for Unicef’s earthquake appeal. He was aiming to raise ₤500 … he has already raised over ₤72,000!


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