28th January

BooksWe went to the ICT Lab and did an interactive lesson on books. If you missed it or didn’t have time to finish you can find it in Bloggin’ Time, the author’s blog.
In About Writing, another blog by the same author, you can find some guidelines to write your book review.
Oh! send your reviews here, not to Bloggin’ Time!


2 thoughts on “28th January

  1. 09josema

    The last film that I’ve seen in the cinema was Sherlock Holmes. I have always been passionate about Sherlock stories, but this movie shows a mistaken idea of Sherlock’s character.
    The story begins at the end of the 19 th Century in London. Sherlock and his faithful friend Doctor Watson have to arrest Lord Blackwood, a dangerous Satanist who is threatening England.
    The main characters are played by Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. The acting is good but I think there is too much action in it for a Sherlock Holmes film. In my opinion it is an adventure film much more than a thriller. Sherlock mainly was a private detective not a man of action. From my point of view the film is too long and I am not sure that it will appeal to many people because everybody has a different idea of Sherlock Holmes.
    To sum up, I do not recommend this movie because in my opinion it does not represent the real Sherlock.

  2. 09Paul

    definitely agree with this comment. I´ve always imagined Sherlock as a thin man, even weak.In the movie they try to show us a strong Sherlock, someone who could fight the riskiest danger, and for what i understand from the books, Sherlock always fought problems with his brains.


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