Write a story

Write a story which begins:

When Chris saw the car parked outside his/her house, his/her heart started beating faster …

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Plan your story in detail:

  • Who’s Chris?
  • How old is Chris?
  • What does he/she do?
  • What’s Chris like?
  • Whose car was that?
  • How did Chris feel when he/she saw the car? Why?
  • What did he/she do?
  • What happened in the end?

4 thoughts on “Write a story

  1. Alejandro Candelas Fernández


    When Chris saw the car parked outside his house, his heart started beating faster. ‘Oh no! What are they doing here?’ He said to himself trying not to be afraid. He immediately went downstairs and asked his wife Liz to stay home and make their daughter do the same.
    Worried he went to work thinking in the last days… Chris had been working in a research project and he had discovered a revolutionary, powerful , clean, new renewable energy, which would make industries lose a lot of money. Those days at work everybody had been talking about old energy corporations that had sent spies to discover what was happening there. Chris and his colleagues perfectly knew their spies’ cars.
    When Chris arrived at work everybody was talking loudly and nervously and he asked what happened. His colleague Jack told him that everyone had that morning a spies’ car parked outside their houses.
    Some time after, everyone had calmed and went back to their jobs. At lunch Chris went to eat a sandwich when suddenly his phone rang and a dark voice told him: ‘If you want to see your family again follow my instructions…’

  2. Silvia Barros

    When Chris woke up, he saw the car parked outside his house and his heart started beating faster.
    “Had anything happened?”, he asked himself!
    Quickly he began to remember what he had done the day before.
    He had spent all morning traveling to arrive early in London, the city where he was starting a new life.
    After settling down in his house, he went for a walk across the city by car
    Suddenly he saw Paul, an old childhood friend, walking down the street.
    They hadn´t seen each other for a long time, but they were very good friends.
    Both of them were very happy to find each other after so long.
    That night Paul had been invited to a party and they decided to go together in Chris`s car.
    But at the end of the night as Chris had drunk too much, he decided to come back home by taxi and return the following day to get his car.
    What`s my car doing here?. He thought.
    Where was the party?. I couldn’t have returned by car!
    Desperately he went outside his house and he could see the disco right at the end of the street!.

  3. José Manuel Mesa Fernández

    When Chris saw the car parked outside his house his heart started beating faster. That big red car with yellow stripes along the sides was unmistakable. Ten years ago he had known the car owner, Tom.
    He was a lawyer and he had been working for two years at Chris’s office in a lawsuit with another company. During that time Chris and Tome had become very good friends and they used to do many things together. Both of them were very competitive and they were always betting on who could run faster, jump higher, eat more hot dogs or many other ridiculous things. Three years ago they had been playing a basketball game with other friends. When they were leaving the sports center at the car park they had started an improvised race. None of them had thought that it was very dangerous and finally Chris had crashed with another car. Due to the wounds, Chris spent two months in a hospital and needed six months more of rehabilitation. After that incident Tom had decided to change his job and move to another town and they did not seen each other again.
    Chris had not forgiven that Tom had never visited him at the hospital while he was there but today he had phoned and asked him if they could meet in his house. Chris had answered “Yes, of course” without thinking but now he did not know what he was going to say to him.

  4. Jaime Sánchez Fanjul

    It was a Saturday morning and Chris was sitting on the sofa watching TV when he remembered that he had to go to the supermarket to buy a new bicycle. He used to run through the streets of his neighborhood but he was tired of the same routine so he decided to buy a bicycle.
 He took the car keys, opened the house’s door and he saw the car parked outside his house, but it had no wheels!!!!
In a panic, Chris’s heart started beating faster and he did not believe what he was seeing. “Is not real, it is an illusion!” –He said while he approached the car. He did not know what to do. Should he call the police, call a garage or go to the hospital
? At that moment, he felt water in his body and he woke up suddenly. It was her wife with a glass of water. “What’s it Chris?” asked his wife.

    – “I was having a nightmare”.
– “What nightmare, Chris?”

    – “I was dreaming that the car had no wheels”
– “Chris, we have no car, it was stolen yesterday…”


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