Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s day Google Doodle

Watch this silent movie and write the story below as a comment.

If you need extra inspiration, have a look at the list of all the Valentine’s Google Doodles since 2000 until today.


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Celestino Ordóñez Galán

    The message of this video seems to be that you can get the love of a woman by sharing her hobbies and interests, and not by way of presents.
    I think it is probably true but I would like to see the video with the roles of the characters changed, that is, I would like to see the girl trying to get the love of the boy.

    1. Carmen Lopez Post author

      And how do you think it would affect the story? Don’t you think this might also be true the other way round?


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