About this blog

This blog is a kind of sequel to the first Bloggin’ away which I started back in 2006, when blogging in the classroom was something new and exciting. Now, 6 years later, after a brief spell during which I stopped using the blog to try and explore other possibilities, I’m coming back to it.

The use of blogs for education is no longer new and has lost the aura of innovation, it has blended in and become one more of the many tools we use every day to try to motivate and help our students in their learning process, but for that very reason I’m more sure now of its usefulness

Bloggin’ away was born when I was teaching 2nd year Advanced, and I continued to do so for the following 5 years that the Blog was in use so most of the materials are for Advanced  students. However, I’m teaching Intermediate students this year so I’ll start collecting materials for them in a new section of the blog.

The old Bloggin’ away was self hosted which meant that I needed to study a lot in order to keep up with the advance of technology and be able to add new features to our blog, now I’ve given up on the technological aspect and moved to a wordpress.com version that takes care of the technological aspects for me and keeps up to date with all the new possibilities for our benefit.

Well, welcome to Bloggin’ away and I hope you’ll find it useful!



Carmen López

English Teacher at Mieres EOI


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