» Healthy body, healthy mind  Can you spot the lies in these advertisements? Have you heard about the woman that lost 500 pounds thanks to Internet? Do you know why we need to sleep? Have you heard of lucid dreaming? Find out about all these things while doing the activities and listen to Christina Aguilera singing Beautiful.


» Murder Mysteries in the 21st Century Is it possible to commit the purfect murder?Are you a good Crime Scene Investigator? Do you know who wrote the lyrics for the popular song Mack the knife? Find the answers to these questions and much more in this activity!

» And the winner is … A multimedia lesson about the Academy Awards, the film the Queen, and the week Diana died.

» Revision exercises: Inversion, Passive, Conditional, Cleft sentences

» Who wants to be a millionaire?

» A lesson based on the TV show House MD

» Revision modules 1 to 3: watch a video clip of the song I try by Macy Gray and an interview with her, watch a report which shows that British teenagers are among the worst behaved in Europe, do a multiple choice exercise to revise vocabulary and do some exercises on modal verbs.

» Revision Modules 1 & 2: Tense Review, Adjectives, Listening: The BlackAdder

» Crime Scene Investigation: Interactive Listening Comprehension Activities


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