Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, whose real name is Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley, is a Canadian rock singer who, apart from that, is also a clothes designer and an actress.

She’s married to Deryck Whibley, who  plays in a rock band, called Sum 41, who have a huge recognition in the USA too.

According to Avril, she has wanted to be a singer since she was a child, and she was in the habit of standing  on  her bed and  sing herself hoarse, imagining a crowd in front of her putting their arms up in the air and madly shouting her name and demanding another encore.

She  used to sing in the  choir of her city’s church, and subsequently she worked in festivals and also composing Country music for some  programs.

I could say her sort of music is rock, but there are so many people who call it pop-punk and ” Alternative pop/rock ” or even,  ” Post Grunge ”.

She started in this world when she was discovered by Antonio ” L.A” Red, who’s a manager and also the singer Pink’s producer. Successfully, she moved to Manhattan and recorded her first CD, ” Let Go ”, being 16 years old.  In fact, she’s only 24 nowadays.

IWe can also listen to other albums by Avril, like ” Under My Skin ”, which is  her second one, and  her third and last one ’till now, which is ” The Best Damn Thing ”.  This has made her very happy after having sold 6 million CDs in the whole world. What’s more, she  has been  on tour in so many countries, from her native country to distant places like Asia.
She also has brought  out a live album called ” My World ”.

Each album is completely different from the others. In the first one we can see her with a look very much like a rock musician. She seems to be and she behaves like a genuine boy.  In the following albums she appears more feminine and also more mature  in her lyrics, although she keeps her traditional kind of music.

Avril has worked with so many well known singers, such as Butch Walker, Deryck Whibley ( her husband ), Travis Barker, ( ex blink-182 ) and Rob Cavallo.

Some of their most famous songs are “Skater Boy”, ”When You’re Gone”, ”Complicated”, ”My Happy Ending” or ”Girlfriend”. All these are very well known all over the world.

Here’s one of her best songs. I hope you enjoy it:



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